An Amazing Day of Learning

An Amazing Day of Learning

Christine Hertz and I just had the privilege of participating in an online day of (free!!!) learning with The Educator Collaborative. This event brought some of the best ed thinkers out there to our own homes, and the best news- its all archived! I loved Kristin Ziemke’s, Lisa Eickholdt ‘s , Shawna Coppola’s and Dana Stachowiak’s sessions for primary. You can read our intro below, and follow the link to our session (that link can also link you to everyone else!):

“Why are we here?

We are here because we think the world can be a better, more just place, and we think you are here because you believe the same thing. Sometimes, we feel can powerless in the overwhelming face of mandates, benchmarks, and injustice and fear that permeates not just the world of education, but also the world at large.

But here is the secret, we are not powerless, we are powerful because we are teachers.

The revolution will not be televised, the revolution for change will happen in our classrooms:



and the day after that

until one day a boy can make a clock, and just be a boy making a clock.

This closing workshop is our call to arms, our rally cry that we make better classrooms today so we can make a better world tomorrow.

Stop and think, reflect: if the rules in your classroom became the rules of the world, would you want to live there? Would it be world of engaged active citizenship or unquestioning compliance to an authority?

If the community in your classroom, in your school, were to become the world around you, what do you see? What is the world we would inhabit?

Would it be a place where mistakes, though sometimes painful, are the birthplace of innovation? Or would it be a place where anything less than perfection is shameful?

We make a better tomorrow by how we teach and live today.

We don’t just seek to create a mindset for learning, we aim create a mindset for change and hope and equality.

We embrace curiosity and challenge, we support community, we believe in our children and the possibility that they can be better people than we ever hoped to be, and we do it in our classrooms every single day, even when we have lost our patience and our sanity.

We keep our hope and our joy, and our vision for children dear to our hearts. We do not start the change by accepting the status quo, we ignite it through our unwavering belief in how things could one day be….”

Watch the rest here:

And read how to make a better world in our book: A Mindset for Learning

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