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Kids First from Day One

A Teacher’s Guide to Today’s Classroom

By Christine Hertz, Kristine Mraz

The classroom of your dreams starts with one big idea. From the first days of school to the last, Kids First from Day One shares how to put your deepest teaching belief into action…

Purposeful Play

A Teacher’s Guide to Igniting Deep and Joyful Learning Across the Day

By Kristine Mraz, Alison Porcelli, Cheryl Tyler

Play is serious business.

Whether it’s reenacting a favorite book (comprehension and close reading), negotiating the rules for a game (speaking and listening)…

Who is Kristi Mraz?

Kristine Mraz is a teacher, writer, pun nerd and consultant. She is coauthor—with Christine Hertz—of the Kids First from Day One, which provides a practical blueprint for increasing the child-centeredness of your teaching practice. She and Christine previously teamed up for the bestselling A Mindset for Learning, which provides practical and powerful strategies for cultivating optimism, flexibility, and empathy alongside traditional academic skills.


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It's week one of our Kids First resources sharing! We have ten weeks of NEW & FREE tools coming your way. This week: A tool to help with Establishing Beliefs & finding evidence for them.
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Two things:
1. New resource for Kids First coming out tomorrow!
2. I am on a summer social media schedule and will be checking infrequently. Keep sending questions and thoughts, they will be gotten to- just at a slower pace!

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