We Are Trying A Thing

We Are Trying A Thing

Since moving out of New York City, I have become acutely aware of how privileged I was when it came to professional development. As a teacher connected to Teachers College Reading and Writing Project I got to hear amazing speakers, attend conferences, and still sleep in my own bed at night, often without spending a whole lot of money.

Now that I am consulting full time, I can see how any number of factors can impact how much PD is offered in any one area. Which, as you know, is wildly unfair.

My plan is to team up with some teachers and professionals I admire and offer some budget one-off online PD. Practical, do-in-your-classroom -tomorrow kind of PD. I’ve been formally and informally polling teachers about the kind of PD they need, like,  TODAY  and do not have easy access to in real life. Now, a nod to all the people ALREADY offering stunningly awesome online PD- places like the Ed Collab,  the folks at Heinemann, Cult of Pedagogy, Opal School.  Go check out their stuff!!!!!

Our first attempt at this is going to be focused on the mighty mash-up/ delicate dance known as “Pulling off guided reading in a reading workshop classroom”. Listen, I have been there. How do I meet with groups when workshop is like 30 minutes?!?! What do you meant I don’t see every child every day? What if I want to see every child every day?! The guided reading I am used to is like a 20 minute long session, and at that rate I will see one group every 6-9 years!!!!!!!! 

For this one I am pulling in long time friend and colleague Melanie Brown. She is a former Teachers College Staff Developer, consultant, teacher and current literacy coach. If you have used any of the reading units, then you have seen her work, she was a researcher for the books and an all around smarty pants.

Melanie and I have both worked in in schools (me as a teacher, her as a coach) that are trying to make sense of the marriage of guided reading and readers workshop, and we invite you to learn from our series of bumbling and awkward missteps. With nods to the the brilliant Lucy Calkins and colleagues from Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, the practical and powerful Jan Richardson, the mighty super duo known as  Fountas and Pinnell, and the 8th wonder of the world, Jennifer Serravallo, we will talk about to make it all work without losing your mind.

Plus- handouts! And like, PRACTICAL handouts. It is soothing just to look at them.

The Details We Have So Far: (The rest depends on response)

When: 2/4/2020  6-7:30 PM EST/ 3-4:30 PM PST

Who: Any person working with kids in K-5 who is working through maximizing their time, getting to know the nuances of guided reading, and/or seeking practical tips to make it work within a reading workshop.

Where: Wherever you want honestly! Its online! Do it during soccer practice! On the couch! In your classroom! In the bath!***

*** not recommended

Reach out with questions and thoughts! You can use the contact me form on this website or shoot an email to one of the addresses at the top!




  • Jessica Daniel
    Posted at 16:18h, 14 January Reply

    This is exactly what I need!

  • Meloney
    Posted at 19:12h, 15 January Reply

    I am interested in this wonderful opportunity.

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