Support for Young Writers: Part 1

Support for Young Writers: Part 1

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is faring okay out there. The sun is helping! The flip side of that is when its cloudy I want to crawl in a hole and never come out. Lots of you asked for support for writers. There are tons of online things for this, so I opted to go for something to print and send. I was thinking about what young writers really need and decided to split the skill set up. This first packet is about supporting storytelling with props and prompts (no writing, think story play). Part 2 will be about the physical writing. My reasoning here is that building oral language and an internal sense of storytelling is a way to put a lot of gas in the tank of our young writers. When writing becomes more fluent, they will have an innate sense of what a story is and how to tell it. Setting kids up for story play and walking away is one way to help families support writing independently. I think we are trying to do too much in too complex ways. Let’s think about essentials. At the heart of writing is story play. As always: I did it fast, its a draft, I welcome feedback and MAKE A COPY if you want to change it. To me this is good work for everyone in the PK-2 crowd, I think we drop the angle of storytelling and play in favor of the written word awfully soon.

Here it is!

If you find it useful and you’d like to donate, it is deeply appreciated by this freelancer.

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