Supporting Young Writers Part 2: Sign Inquiry

Supporting Young Writers Part 2: Sign Inquiry

Alright folks, part 2.

This is a sign study to support young writers. Some people have requested SEL work, and I think this IS the SEL work; empowering kiddos to take charge of their learning and feel powerful. Thank you everyone who snapped photos of their signs so I could embed them.

Why sign making? From an academic standpoint its high intensity word stretching,  a focus on concepts about print and a focus on readability. What good is a sign if no one can figure it out? Part 1, storytelling, is supporting structure, language, and vocabulary. This is about getting your idea down.

From a life standpoint its a way to make a difference, feel powerful, send messages into the world, and create something for an audience quickly.

Here it is! Send home as a packet, turn it into virtual work, give it to kiddos to work on over a week or more, but whatever you do, MAKE A COPY BEFORE YOU CHANGE IT (and i do hope you change it for your needs)

If you want more sign examples to better match your kiddos and your community, please follow this link to the tweet thread that has them all:

If you find it useful and you’d like to donate, it is deeply appreciated by this freelancer.

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